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Les Romains Rouge

Les Romains 'rouge'

Close your eyes and imagine: in the heart of Languedoc, the cicadas are singing, the air is hot, the sun is shining. On the paths of white limestone rock, two winemakers follow the Via Domitia: the oldest road in France drawn by the Romans from 118 BC. Remarkable points of view are offered to them and tell stories of families around a glass of wine: Pays d'Oc is a vineyard of conquerors and builders.

Les Romains Cuvée Réservée

Les Romains 'cuvée réservée'

The reserved cuvée. The selection of the best grapes in Pays d’Oc, from the vines who had the best care from the best winemakers. We select the best barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Les Romains to select this special Cuvée Réservée.  This is a wine of great occasion, to take out on evenings with friends, these long nights where history is made.

Les Romains Blanc

Les Romains 'blanc'

Here is a very tasty white wine, from the marriage between the two grapes Chardonnay and Viognier carefully selected. To create the perfect harmony, the winemakers base the wine on the Chardonnay, to which they add a touch of his beloved Viognier. It is an exotic white and fresh, whose delight makes him the perfect everyday companion. We love paring it with sea food and Mediterranean grilled vegetables. Perfect as an aperitive, we also love it with our favorite meals.

Les Romains Rosé

Les Romains 'rosé'

A refreshing and crunchy rosé wine. It is made from Syrah, Grenache and a touch of Merlot. The grapes are selected from the coolest plots in the vineyard. This rosé is delicately filtered to clean the juice and is fermented on a low temperature oxidation allowing to capture from this irresistible juice the freshness of the fruits and their soft acidity. We love it with grilled fish, typical Mediterranean dishes where its freshness combines perfectly with our favorite aromatic herbs and spices from la garrigue.

Les Mattes 'rouge'

The cuvée reserved for special occasions, which arouses the curiosity of its guests. Les Mattes offers a trip to the Mediterranean scrubland, where grapes have been selected from producers who take care of their heritage and want to share it with you. It is a fresh and round wine thanks to the harvest of fruits at their optimal maturity. A partial ageing in barrels of 12 months allows to preserve the freshness of this appreciated wine when the days shorten. The cuvée reflects the historical terroirs of the Mediterranean scrubland, we love the warmth it brings during long winter evenings.

Les Mattes 'blanc'

When our winemakers travel the vineyard in search of the rare pearl, they also look for the best tools to sublimate their grapes. With Les Mattes white wine, the selection of Chardonnay ages in a selection of barrels specially made for white wines. They bring just the wooden touch Chardonnay needs to illuminate your palate. Your taste buds will travel all the way to South of France, when the sun is setting and the fresh night arrives. Now, all you need is a glass of Les Mattes to enjoy your time.

Voiles Latines

Voiles Latines

When Syrah meets Grenache. Love at first sight, just as you will fall in love with Voiles Latines. They will lead you under a bright Southern sun. You’ll find shadow under an olive tree. Unlike a summer love promise, Voiles Latines will last the four seasons. Whenever you’ll need to travel back under that olive tree, open a bottle. Sail straight to the Coteaux du Languedoc, where Syrah and Grenache enjoy their love story for many years now…