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The nature

Close your eyes and imagine: at the heart of Languedoc, two passionate winemakers arm themselves with their five awakened senses and leave in search of the best grapes. The cicadas are singing, the air is hot, the sun is shining. On the paths of white limestone rock, they follow the Via Domitia: the oldest road in France drawn by the Romans from 118 BC. Remarkable points of view are offered to them and tell stories of families around a glass of wine: Pays d'Oc is a vineyard of conquerors and builders. At the end of the sixties, winegrowers gained the land on the clearings of scrubland to plant vines. And it is in the very heart of these rocky parcels adorned with thyme and rosemary that Bruno and Damien select their favorite grapes.

Between vineyards and scrubland, biodiversity is preserved. The mosaic of landscapes offers blends with the sunny spicy flavors of Mediterranean plants. The Mediterranean region is a hotspot of biodiversity identified among the 34 worldwide. This means that this great wealth of biodiversity fully promotes the cultivation of the vine, the complexity of the grapes and requires special attention when it is preserved. By choosing environmentally friendly farming methods, we try to have a neutral or even positive impact on what surrounds the vineyard. True cohabitation between vineyards and garrigue, it is a question of finding the right balance to promote the synergies between the animal and vegetable species.

During their journey through Via Domitia, Bruno and Damien meet their winegrower friends. The fruit of their common passion for the vineyard and respect for the scrubland is found in each of the Vignes Des Deux Soleils vintages. Over the years, many friendships have been formed, vines have been selected, wines have been bred, all with this strong identity of the Mediterranean sun.

Les deux soleils

The 'Two Suns' evoke those pebbles of white limestone found on clearings of scrubland. They provoke such an intense phenomenon by reflecting the sun during the day and by retroceding their heat at night on the grapes that are said to ripen 'between two suns'. This very special feature is followed by other distinctions to select the best fruit:

  • Integrated farming respectful of the environment
  • Valorization of heritage and biodiversity
  • Loyalty to the grape vine


The Mediterranean climate is king here, nuanced by the first foothills of the Cevennes, which stop the clouds and allow the soil to receive intense flow of water in autumn and winter. In summer, the sweetness of the nights allows the vine to rest on its absolute balance with the surrounding vegetation: the finest aromas and flavors are preserved.


Oligocene limestone, clay and limestone.